Line number within the poem as written by Sheikh Saleh al-Jaafari Poem sequence number as sorted by Dr. Wagih Samanodi He was talking here about the prophet then continued these lines   Place of this line within the Poem collection as sorted by Mr. Fathi (literature Collector) in the printed edition 
9 269 صلى عليه الوحش فى قفر كما صلى عليه الطير فى أوكاره الجزء 4 الصفحة 101 
9 269 Upon him Lion praise in the wilderness Upon him Bird praise in  its nest Book 4 Page 101
10 269 صلى عليه البحر فى أعماقه صلى عليه الزهر فى أشجاره الجزء 4 الصفحة 101 
10 269 Upon him Sea praise in its depth Upon him Flowers praise on its trees Book 4 Page 101